Nowela Swanson (WALX Guide)

I gained my passport to Nordic Walking in 2017 and only became a Walk Leader/Guide in February 2020, literally weeks before going in to the Covid 19 lockdown. My working life was in business administration and then running my own small business for 16 years. When I retired, I was determined that I wanted to remain fit and healthy, but the idea of visiting a gym never really appealed. Discovering Beverley’s Nordic Walking Group within an easy commute, was the answer to my love of walking and discovering new areas. I absolutely adore the countryside and being able to feel enveloped in the beauty of nature that surrounds me. Exercising two Labradors, as well as yoga and tennis are other outdoor activities I enjoy. If I can share my beautiful surroundings and convince others of the benefits of walking and with the added bonus of poles, I might just help with the realisation of how you can improve your health and wellbeing.