Beverley Turner (WALX Master)

Beverley has been Nordic Walking since 2015. From her first experience of it, she was keen to share her discovery with the world … or her part of it at least! As a result, she trained to become a Nordic Walking Instructor and set up Shropshire Hills Nordic Walking, teaching her first clients in April 2016. Beverley comes from a background in music, administration, and education. Although not from a professional background in fitness, she feels that her experience as a classical musician and private music teacher informs her teaching of Nordic Walking. Good posture is as important for effective Nordic Walking as for playing an instrument or singing. In addition, both disciplines offer a strong sense of connection to others and to the natural world around us, whilst providing a range of wellbeing benefits.
Beverley enjoys getting to know her walkers, and sharing her love for flora and fauna, history, and local knowledge on her walks. She likes mixing with people of all ages and backgrounds and loves learning from others too!
Outside of walking, Beverley has a very busy family life (and has been delighted to have found Nordic Walking as a very efficient and enjoyable form of exercise for the time poor). She has a strong interest in music and the arts, reading, nature and the environment, good food, and health and wellbeing.